We offer a diversified range of products and services from the following internationally renowned brands:

Elcometer Elcometer is a world class leader in coating & concrete inspection equipments and rebar & metal detection. Elcometer products measure coating thickness, climate, porosity & adhesion as well as a wide range of physical test parameters required for the formulation of coatings.
Sample of products are:

  • Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Elcometer Holiday Detector
  • Elcometer Ultrasonic Material/Steel Gauge
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RK PrintCoat
The first name in sample preparation

RK PrintCoat Instruments from UK specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment used to produce repeatable samples of surface coatings. RK products may be used for quality control, R&D, and colour matching. Sample of products are:

  • K Hand Coater
  • K Printing Proofer
  • K Control Coater
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CKL Multimix

CKL Multimix specialise in laboratory and production mixers that can be applied across various industries. Multimix combines 4 mixers in 1 - mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and milling. Sample of products are:

  • High Shear Mixer
  • Vacuum Ribbon Blender
  • Inline High Shear Mixer
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C+W Specialist Equipment

C+W Specialist Equipment is UK's main manufacturer of accelerated corrosion and environmental test chambers. Sample of products are:

  • Salt Spray Cabinets
  • Humidity Cabinets
  • Cyclic Corrosion Test Cabinets

Asuka Colour Technologies
Communicating Colour

Asuka Colour Technologies is a colour card production company. They have partnered with Duha Group from Canada and have extended their global presence and have increased their knowledge on colour and design.
In Indonesia, Asuka Colour Technologies have been producing colour cards for various paint manufacturers since the 90s.


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PT. Valensindo Wiraguna is a distributor for testing and inspection equipments.

We offer diversified range of products and services...
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